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Monday, December 13, 2010

Talison Lithium Doubles since going public on TSE in September!

Back in September, just prior to Talison Lithium listing on the TSE (after the takeover of Salares Lithium) I made it my conviction stock pick, predicting that TLH shares would double by Christmas and double again by spring.

Half of that prediction has come to fruition as Talison shares traded at $6.60 last Friday (Today trading at $6.79)  Since Talison went public at $3.30 per share, that is a double, and it occured several weeks before Christmas.

Most of that value occured BEFORE Talison was included on the new Global X Lithium Index (NYSE-LIT). The inclusion took place at $6 per share about 10 days ago. As I pointed out in my previous article on Talison the ETFs cannot ignore a market leader, and with over 25% of the Worlds Lithium production, and 75% of the Chinese import market (supplied by Talisons Greenbushes operation in Western Australia) coupled with its recently announced expansion of 100% production in 2011, Talison is certainly a market leader in the lithium space, and that is without including the extensive brine properties Talison inherited when it swallowed Salares Lithium (The Salares 7 project, 100% owned)

Its gratifying to be right when predicting share prices, especially increases of that magnitude. It will indeed be gratifying to have the second half of that prediction come to fruition as I am sticking with it, and I am sticking with Talison as one of my conviction stock picks.

Another double by spring, say end of April, 2011.

Herès to your Retirefund!

(disclosure: long TLH)

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David said...

congrats HP.

I've been following ur blog and your double of TLH is head on. I hope you continue to be right, I would like to make my first 100K with your help =)

TLH is gonna be a keeper for years, i hope it will help me make my financial goals by 2012.

H. Pelham said...

Thanks David for the kind words.
Remember though, there are no golden ladders in this business.

You have to keep your head up and be prepared for the ups and downs in every market.


David said...

Oh forgot to ask ya one more thing. Its nice to hear your standing by your prediction of another double by end of April 2011. Did you mean double the price of $6.60 = $13 per share? or double today's price of $7.50 = $15?

H. Pelham said...

$13.20 - my original call.