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Monday, November 29, 2010

Rodinia Lithium looks like the next prize in this second leg of the lithium boom!

(Rodinias Clayton Valley Property)
 For the past two months Ive been telling you about Rodnina Lithium and its premium properties in Clayton Valley Nevada and Salta, Argentina. Just like Salares Lithium before, we made Rodinia our conviction stock pick in this (the second leg of the lithium bull)  market.

Rodinia has excellent properties and is one of the largest holdings in the lithium space which was (up until today) untouched by any big players.  Now,Hong Kongs Shanshan Resources Co., one of the leading, lithium-ion battery material providers in China, has bought in.

Essentially, Rodinia offered a private placement of its stock (for development of its Clayton Valley Nevada property and its Salar De Diabillos property in Salta, Argentina)  and Shanshan bought it all, and bought in above the trading price of .52 (as of Fridays close)

                                                                         Salar De Diabillos, Argentina
Unknown on this side of the pond, Shanshan is a major player in this industry in China, where 8 models of electric vehicles already ply the road and where over 120 million electric motor bikes now operate. China is the second largest car maker in the world now since eclipsing the United States this year and is second only to Japan in the auto space (soon to be first)

Last week we gave you fair warning about this stock and its propensity for huge returns in the short to medium term. As always I like to back up my thoughts with action.  We tripled our investment in Rodinia when we made it our conviction pick. The Salar De Diabillos holdings remind us of Salares Lithium, before its takeover by Talison of Australia.

Our investments in this market are up 425% in just the past 22 months. I believe this market will grow for the next 10 years.

Independant consulting firm "Signum Box" has listed the 25 top lithium brine projects by the depth and quality of resource, and Rodinia is listed three times on that important list.
Salar De Diabillos (3)  Clayton Valley (14) and Salar de Centenario (25)

For the sake of your Retirefund, I hope you are paying attention to this dynamic, booming market.


Today'sclose 0.56 (up 7.69% on the day)
1 week - up 13%
1 month - up25%

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