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Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Donald's lack of vision in negotiations puts the USA at a distinct disadvantage!

By David Honig

I'm going to get a little wonky and write about Donald Trump and negotiations. For those who don't know, I'm an adjunct professor at Indiana University - Robert H. McKinney School of Law and I teach negotiations. 

Trump, as most of us know, is the credited author of "The Art of the Deal," a book that was actually ghost written by a man named Tony Schwartz, who was given access to Trump and wrote based upon his observations. If you've read The Art of the Deal, or if you've followed Trump lately, you'll know, even if you didn't know the label, that he sees all deal making as what we call

 "distributive bargaining."

Distributive bargaining always has a winner and a loser. It happens when there is a fixed quantity of something and two sides are fighting over how it gets distributed. Think of it as a pie and you're fighting over who gets how many pieces. 

In Trump's world, the bargaining was for a building, or for construction work, or subcontractors. He perceives a successful bargain as one in which there is a winner and a loser, so if he pays less than the seller wants, he wins. The more he saves the more he wins.

The other type of bargaining is called integrative bargaining.

 In integrative bargaining the two sides don't have a complete conflict of interest, and it is possible to reach mutually beneficial agreements. Think of it, not a single pie to be divided by two hungry people, but as a baker and a caterer negotiating over how many pies will be baked at what prices, and the nature of their ongoing relationship after this one gig is over.

The problem with Trump is that he sees only distributive bargaining in an international world that requires integrative bargaining. 

 He can raise tariffs, but so can other countries. He can't demand they not respond. There is no defined end to the negotiation and there is no simple winner and loser. There are always more pies to be baked. 
Further, negotiations aren't binary. China's choices aren't (a) buy soybeans from US farmers, or (b) don't buy soybeans. They can also (c) buy soybeans from Russia, or Argentina, or Brazil, or Canada, etc. That completely strips the distributive bargainer of his power to win or lose, to control the negotiation.

One of the risks of distributive bargaining is bad will. In a one-time distributive bargain, e.g. negotiating with the cabinet maker in your casino about whether you're going to pay his whole bill or demand a discount, you don't have to worry about your ongoing credibility or the next deal. If you do that to the cabinet maker, you can bet he won't agree to do the cabinets in your next casino, and you're going to have to find another cabinet maker.
 There isn't another Canada.

So when you approach international negotiation, in a world as complex as ours, with integrated economies and multiple buyers and sellers, you simply must approach them through integrative bargaining. If you attempt distributive bargaining, success is impossible. And we see that already.

Trump has raised tariffs on China. China responded, in addition to
raising tariffs on US goods, by dropping all its soybean orders from the US and buying them from Russia. The effect is not only to cause tremendous harm to US farmers, but also to increase Russian revenue, making Russia less susceptible to sanctions and boycotts, increasing its economic and political power in the world, and reducing ours. 

Trump saw steel and aluminum and thought it would be an easy win, BECAUSE HE SAW ONLY STEEL AND ALUMINUM - HE SEES EVERY NEGOTIATION AS DISTRIBUTIVE. China saw it as integrative, and integrated Russia and its soybean purchase orders into a far more complex negotiation ecosystem.

Trump has the same weakness politically. For every winner there must be a loser. And that's just not how politics works, not over the long run.

For people who study negotiations, this is incredibly basic stuff, negotiations 101, definitions you learn before you even start talking about styles and tactics. And here's another huge problem for us.

Trump is utterly convinced that his experience in a closely held real estate company has prepared him to run a nation, and therefore he rejects the advice of people who spent entire careers studying the nuances of international negotiations and diplomacy. But the leaders on the other side of the table have not eschewed expertise, they have embraced it. And that means they look at Trump and, given his very limited tool chest and his blindly distributive understanding of negotiation, they know exactly what he is going to do and exactly how to respond to it. 

From a professional negotiation point of view, Trump isn't even bringing checkers to a chess match. He's bringing a quarter that he insists on flipping for heads or tails, while everybody else is studying the chess board to decide whether its better to open with Najdorf or Grünfeld.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Trade Wars never end well - History shows us why!

History's Not on the Market's Side in a Trade War - Article at Bloomberg


The first shots of a global trade war were fired on Friday as U.S. President Donald Trump announced a 25 percent levy on $50 billion of imports from China. The tariffs focus on “industrially significant technology,” and intend to hurt China for alleged theft of intellectual property rights. China responded within hours with a detailed list of imports from the U.S. valued at $50 billion that it would impose a similar 25 percent tax on...


Trumps Trade War makes no sense....

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lexington BoiSciences "Heart Sentry" Device may be the answer to pre-detection of heart disease!

Lexington Bio Sciences (LexingtonBioSciences.com)


Heart Disease and Heart Attacks are the number one killer of North Americans, and most people, worldwide. Nearly 1 in 3 deaths in the USA alone are attributed to Heart Attack and Stroke!

For 50% of these people, their "first" indication of a problem is a massive heart attack.  They have no warning whatsoever.

Though taking blood pressure and heart rates coupled with ultrasound techniques will sometimes indicate a problem, the fact remains that, only in 50% of all cases do these indicators work. Now, wouldn't it be great if there was a "Non-invasive" way of determining, with a lot more accuracy, if heart disease is prevalent in a patient, "before" the onset of a heart attack? Hey, wouldn't it be great if that test was no more bother than simply taking your blood pressure is?

Well, at this writing, there is such a device, currently in Clinical Trials, after 15 years of research and development in California Universities. Lexington BioSciences "HeartSentry" can measure something that has never been measured properly before. Endothelium

Endothelium, are the cells that line all arteries and are critical to the prevention of atherosclerosis, heart disease and stroke, the two leading causes of deaths worldwide (17.5 million people every year). 
The significant value of measuring endothelial function is supported by many peer-reviewed studies.

For ease of use this new, life saving technology has been incorporated into a simple blood pressure cuff.  Utilizing both blue tooth and cloud technology, the device to provide up-to-date, accurate readings of a patients complete cardiovascular health via electronic monitoring.

As you might expect, this is a significant development in a  multi-billion dollar market, and all the patents and the technology are owned by a MicroCap Business, owned and operated by PHD's - LexingtonBioSciences 

 More about HeartSentry.....

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

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