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Friday, June 26, 2015

Domain Name Registered in 1999 goes on auction at Sedo -

The name Nanoman is synonymous with Nano Manufacturing and Nano Manipulation and is often

used as the abbreviated form for those endeavors.

 In the realm of Nanomanufacturing, Graphene has taken center stage, even as other wonder materials are being discovered, researched and Nanomanipulated by scientists and engineers all over the world.

Besides Labs from Harvard to MIT to Cambridge and beyond, there are now over 300 companies worldwide racing to create Nanoman products, for use in Materials science, Bio Engineering, Electronics, Medical therapies, energy protective coatings, to name a few applications.

Some companies are already using the "Nanoman" label for their products.

  Several Hollywood types are creating Movies centering on a character they have labelled "Nanoman". There are now Books, novels and even comic book characters using the name "Nanoman"!

International conferences arranged for advanced materials scientists and engineers have been labelled Nanoman Conferences such as the Nanoman2012 conference in Japan and Nanoman2014 last year in Bremen, Germany, attended by an elite group of scientists from universities and labs all over the world. The First Nanoman conference was in 2008.

A number of similar symposiums have taken place and will take place this year as well. There is even one particular scientist Wikipedia has dubbed "India's Nanoman"!

As the term Nanoman becomes more and more relevant in today's vernacular, it is not unexpected that there would be international interest in an online auction for the internet domain

This Domain Name auction is taking place at Sedo and is scheduled to end on July 1st

It will be interesting to see who ends up with this premium internet domain registered in 1999, over 16 years ago.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Sernova Corporation on cutting edge of Stem Cell Therapy Delivery system

Tiny Company - "Big" Medicine!

According to Rick MIlls who's blog "AheadoftheHerd" is often, exactly that, tiny Sernova Corp is on the verge of something very big in the search for a "safe and compatible device for housing therapeutic cells in human’s".  
It appears that, in the "gold rush" to deliver cutting edge therapies directly the the cells of humans, Sernova will own the "picks and shovels" of that gold rush.
As Rick points out in his well researched report, Sernova's innovative "Cell Pouch™ could be used for any chronic disease where a deficient or missing protein or hormone can be replaced by therapeutic cell transplantation."

Sernova has been developing it's cutting edge technology for many years, and only now has it been independently verified as being a proven method of delivering new cutting edge stem cell therapy for a number of critical diseases including (but not limited to) Diabetes and Hemophilia.

Many other companies, small and large, are researching and perfecting these types of stem cell therapies, Sernova has focused  on the actual delivery mechanism which should benefit "all" of those other companies coming to market with new medicines and therapies.

After all, it was the suppliers of the "picks and shovels, and horses and supplies who made the most money during the great Klondike Gold rush.  It appears that lesson was not lost on the founders of Sernova Corp.

Here is Ricks excellent summary on this rising penny stock..

 Sernova trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange(TSX or TMX)  under the symbol SVA

It traded Monday under .20 cents

Disclosure: I am long SVA!


Friday, May 15, 2015

Bond Funds are not as safe as you think!

Would you like to lose 20% on your ? How about 50%-->

Monday, May 11, 2015

Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP) VS Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) what to do!

RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan)or TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account)

Most people who want to save for retirement will have this argument with themselves over time, and "time" it seems is really the key to determining whether or not you should contribute to your RRSP or to your TFSA in any given year.

Firstly let me point out what should be obvious to our readers now.  These are not "Savings" accounts so much as they are "Investment" accounts.  Within both vehicles you can purchase most kinds of investments from stocks to bonds, mutual funds, ETF's and real estate in the form of REIT's

Some people believe that splitting savings between these two investing vehicles is a safe bet, but in many instances they would be wrong.

One unique aspect of the Canadian RRSP (similar to a 401(k) in the U.S.) and the TFSA (similar to a Roth IRA in the U.S.) is that there is a "limit" to the contributions you can make in any given year but that limit "carries over" to the following year should you fail to contribute.

This fact alone should tell you how to best invest your money at different points in your life and career.  For instance, when one is a young adult, say in your 20's, it is common that your income is much less than it will be later in your life, say in your 40's and 50's which are usually you "maximum" income years.

Knowing this, one simplified plan is to contribute as much as you can to your TSFA in those early years when your income is low, then, depending on your personal circumstances, gradually switch to the RRSP as your income increases later in life.

Why? Because it is better to reduce your tax burden on the higher income rather than the lower income, and the accumulation of contribution room over years, allows for a much larger RRSP deposit, thereby reducing your tax burden even further. Tuned in Canadians know that reducing your tax burden is a big part of retirement saving and planning.

If you were prudent and maxed out your TFSA during your 20's and into your 30's, "and" you invested well in that account ( It is really a tax free "investment" account, not just a savings account)
then you would have a considerable amount in your TSFA to tap into to ensure you max out your RRSP at the top end of your income earning years.

Here is a good primer on this very issue courtesy of  BNN.

Is the RRSP headed for retirement?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tiny Canadian firm, IBC Alloys having breakout year in U.S. Aerospace

Our top pick of 2015 in the Microcap Space, IBC Advanced Alloys Corp, is on a roll.
In the past six months it has signed no less than four (4) new contracts with Aerospace
companies and has many more "irons in the fire". Technicals are extremely bullish.

This small Canadian listed firm, has four operating plants in the USA and the U.S. Aerospace industry is becoming it's oyster.

Here are the headlines:

Up 30% in the past month, IBC Advanced Alloys is making great progress utilizing it's proprietary materials casting technology.  The aerospace industry is only now coming to know this technology and it's benefits.  We think the sky s the limit for this up and comer.

Remember, penny stocks are "highly speculative", and should never constitute more than 5-10% of any portfolio. They are not for the faint of heart. Money you need for retirement should not be invested in "any" speculative stocks.

Having said that, we have been following this tiny gem for over a year now and accumulating it's stock on dips.  From here on in, I doubt if there will be many dips to take advantage of, but that doesn't matter now that contracts are getting signed one after another.

With their foot in the door of U.S. Aerospace and defense contractors, and several new partners in Europe, expansion of this microcap should be astronomical in the coming year or so.  We're holding on the for what we expect will be an incredible ride.


NOTE: IBC Advanced Alloys is currently a penny stock and trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the symbol IB.

It also trades on the OTC in the U.S. under the symbol  IAALF.