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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gold, Lithium and Rare Earth Metals, all in Penny Stock, TNR Gold Corp.

TNR Gold Corp is preparing, to spin off it's wholly owned subsidiary, International Lithium Corp, in an IPO at the end of Q3. TNR owns 14 properties on three continentents in gold, Lithium and Rare Earth Elements or REE's.

All this, and on Friday, it was trading at a measley .17 per share.
Yes it is a penny stock.  Yes it is a junior. Yes it is speculative.
However, at only .17 per share this stock has enormous potential.

That is why we have accumulated it over the summer. That is why we continue to accumulate it, especially at these prices. We expect it to be a money maker for us as early as October, as it spins out ILC and automatically gives us 1 share and 1 warrant (fully transferable into shares) of ILC for every 4 shares of TNR we hold. (if you own TNR at the time of the spinoff, you will own BOTH companies after the spinoff using the above formula)
When I say that this stock has enormous potential in the coming months, I say it with the same conviction that I had when I told you about Salares Lithium (before it's takeover by Talison, one of the BIG FOUR). I am convinced of this for both similar and different reasons.

Firstly, as ILC gets spun out as a separate entity, it becomes, with it's great lithium properties, the same type of takeover target that Salares Lithium was, a vast holding of premium brine properties which should be very tempting for larger players determined to corner at least some of the growing and expanding market for the "electric metal"!

TNR's gold properties, especially in Argentina, which it will retain, also show great potential for larger players looking to expand in this age of gold, gold and more gold. However, it is the "rare earth" part of the overall TNR portfolio that has even more potential.

With China currently producing 97% of the worlds current REE supply, and threatening to cut off exports of these elements, which are used in everything from cellphones to big screen TVs to missiles, electric vehicles ,nuclear power and wind turbines, then the value locked in this "penny stock" becomes readily apparent, at least to this writer. Worldwide demand for rare earth is expected to exceed supply by some 30,000 to 50,000 tons by 2012 unless major new production sources are developed.

 From the company:
"TNR has large holdings of gold and base metal properties under exploration in Argentina consisting of 14 properties and to a lesser extent in Alaska consisting of 2 properties. The prime areas of focus are gold/copper exploration properties in San Juan province and Jujuy province of Argentina. Compania Minera Solitario de Argentina S.A., TNR's 100% Argentinean subsidiary, currently carries out all field work and administrative functions from its office in San Juan.

On the lithium front, International Lithium holds 17 highly prospective lithium and rare metals projects.  Most notably, the Mariana project is a large 120 squared kilometer lithium brine project wholly owned by ILC to ensure all aspects of the resource can be controlled. Situated in one of the most prolific lithium producer region of Argentina (bordering Chile), past sampling over approximately 3 km returned values from 188 to 283 mg/L lithium, and 423 to 698 mg/L boron. 
ILC crew is currently completing a grid-sampling program, hydrogeologic, and structural studies on the salar to generate a 43-101 Technical Report.

The Moose project brings a past producer with infrastructures in NWT to the ILC rare metals portfolio. A past producer of Tantalum, Moose has one of the highest tantalum value in spodumene to date, and is in proximity of the Avalon Thor Lake project. Recent exploration news has confirmed high-grade lithium at Moose, with spodumene crystals sampling up to 2.07% Li2O composite sample and 1.96% Li2O channel samples. 

Rare Earth Elements are also part of the package with past results of La-Ce-Nd (Lanthanum, Cerium, and Neodymium) at the newly-acquired Big Beaverhouse project in Ontario, Canada. The Big Beaverhouse is one of the largest carbonatites complexes in the province of Ontario approximately 16 square kilometres. 
TNR Gold has operated under the mandate of seeking out high quality projects and adding value through exploration and development, then securing joint venture partners to share the risk of developing a potential resource. We invite you to peruse our diverse portfolio of projects and welcome any questions."

Here is a composite of TNR projects around the globe. 

Management OWNS 50% of TNR Stock.
Institutional holders of TNR Stock own 20% and include some heavy hitters:
Barrick Gold, Pinetree Capital, Tocqueville Fund, Solitario, and NovaGold

If you took our advice on Salares, your welcome to the 100% profit you just made this week as it morphed into shares of Talison Lithium, the largest pure lithium player on the planet. (But don't sell those Talison shares just yet as they are climbing at this writing and could double again by Christmas, and again by spring)
As you already know, no one can guarantee 100% jump in any stock, but we certainly expect it of TNR Gold.
Here's to your Retirefund

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 Update Oct 14th 2010  -  TNR takes possession of 1 million oz "Shotgun" property in Alaska
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Sufiy said...


Do you have any idea about last week action in TNR Gold?

We found it very fishy with automated trades hitting at every bid to press the price lower?

What is happening over there?

Is it a buying opportunity or some kind of bullying of the small junior?



H. Pelham said...

Good question. I was also confounded by last weeks trading. On checking the insider reports noticed there was a conversion of common shares on Sept 7th (3.3M) by Raymond Smith Ltd but there are no entries since that date. Another insider, Kirill Klip, purchased a large amt of common shares in July.

Whatever is occuring, "someone" is acquiring 10 times the usual trading volume at a bargain price. I plan on joining that party tomorrow morning (monday Sept 27.

Thanks for the enquiry.

Anonymous said...

H. Pelham,

Just a question regarding the yet to be determined record date for the ILC spin-off. Will that date be back-dated or will it definitely be a date in the near future?

This is something I know nothing about.


Sufiy said...

Hi HP,

Thank you for your thoughts.

We have "cyber traders" in TNR Gold's market today again:

Time ET Ex Price Change Volume Buyer Seller Markers
15:42:02 V 0.16 0.00 500 9 BMO Nesbitt 85 Scotia K
15:39:01 V 0.16 0.00 500 9 BMO Nesbitt 85 Scotia K
15:36:01 V 0.16 0.00 500 9 BMO Nesbitt 85 Scotia K
15:33:01 V 0.16 0.00 500 9 BMO Nesbitt 85 Scotia K
15:30:01 V 0.16 0.00 500 9 BMO Nesbitt 85 Scotia K
15:27:01 V 0.16 0.00 500 9 BMO Nesbitt 85 Scotia K
15:24:00 V 0.16 0.00 500 9 BMO Nesbitt 85 Scotia K
15:21:06 V 0.16 0.00 500 9 BMO Nesbitt 85 Scotia K
15:18:04 V 0.16 0.00 500 9 BMO Nesbitt 85 Scotia K
15:15:04 V 0.16 0.00 500 9 BMO Nesbitt 85 Scotia

Do you have any lawyers among your audience: is it market manipulation or, maybe, naked short selling? Somebody is shaking the tree with the weak hands falling off.

We do not mind to pick up few more cheap shares, but it does not look right.

Are you in contact with the management there?

We made some digging as well:




H. Pelham said...

I don't have a date for the ILC spinoff, but management says it is supposed to be end of Q3.

H. Pelham said...

Thanks for the update. No I don't have any further info on this although it has been my experience that there are a few day traders in and out for a few pennies at a time.

This may be what you are seeing.

Sufiy said...


Thank you.

As we have understood it, record date will be at the moment of approved listing for IPO after pre IPO financing.

On another note, in latest presentation they have put Q4 now.

Is it connected with Chinese holidays?

PP is on SlideShare:


Potash grade is very interesting at Mariana.



H. Pelham said...

Q4? Thanks for the update.
Regarding the Potash at Mariana I agree. The lack of any significant magnesium content is also a positive, as that element causes headaches for Brine developers.

Sun Goog said...

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H. Pelham said...

The Global X Lithium ETF (LIT) is certainly an alternative to investing in promising Lithium stocks, however there are several stocks in that portfolio which are not lithium stocks, which distorts the investment somewhat!!