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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The smoke is clearing over Copenhagen and the COP15 Green Energy Summit!

Lange Aviation's Antares DLR-H2 Fuel Cell Powe...Image by TailspinT via Flickr

The world leaders who will meet in Copenhagen next week for COP15 (United nations Climate Change Conference) or what is billed as the Green Energy summit, have now all committed to at least some reduction in carbon emissions over the next decade. The United States, who virtually ignored the Kyoto Accord under President George W. Bush, is actually leading the push for carbon reduction this time as President Obama has already pledged a 17% reduction by 2020.

China followed suit with a pledge of their own and even India, albeit with a much smaller promise, is on board. Canada will follow the U.S. (it really has no choice) and Europe has already done more than all of the above in the push for carbon reduction in our atmosphere and the Green Energy revolution which is supremely evident as you take the Euro train from Hamburg to Berlin and pass literally thousands of wind turbines churning out power along the way.

Companies that have completely embraced carbon reduction and the concept of green or renewable energy which is non polluting (or at least carbon reducing) have gained significantly this year and stand to profit immensely in the coming years. Some of these companies resemble those who embraced the information revolution in the early 70's (Microsoft, Apple etc)
or the web revolution ten years ago (Google, Yahoo etc)

It is my humble opinion that this Green Energy revolution has the potential to top those previous market movers as the planet begins the long, arduous road to cleaning itself of carbon pollution. Soon photo's like the one pictured here, of a fuel cell a powered airplane, will be commonplace. Wind, Solar, Fuel Cells, these are the winners and the future of energy for the next ten years. The losers will be coal, corn ethanol, biomass and oil. Nuclear energy, while still being debated as an also ran, has the potential to be eliminated entirely by fuel cell power plants burning, at first, natural gas (which has an abundant supply of hydrogen and produces less pollution) and finally, pure hydrogen, once the storage issue is resolved (and it will be).

If you are not on this green energy bandwagon right now, then what are you waiting for? It will not only change the way the world powers itself, but also the way the world invests in energy. There will be big winners and big losers. Where do you want to be positioned as COP15 approaches and green energy, once again, enters the world spot light.

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