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Impact of the "Green Revolution" on your Retirefunds!

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Alvin Toffler, in his insightful work ‘The Third Wave’, pointed out that humanity has achieved three revolutionary shifts of civilization throughout history. Firstly, the Agricultural Revolution enabled humanity to accumulate much wealth. The Industrial Revolution made possible mass production of industrial products, and The Information Revolution transformed the ways people think, work, and enjoy life.

Now, we are witnessing the newest, most powerful revolution of all time: The “Green Revolution.” It will change the way we power this planet. It will change the way we live, work, travel and more importantly, from an investment point of view, the way we invest. The catalyst for these massive changes may be the COP 15 Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen on Dec 7th 2009.

Make no mistake. This is one of "the" most important international conferences of our lifetime. If agreements can be reached in even some basic areas being discussed, then this meeting will have as much impact on your life as the Industrial revolution had for your great grandfather. Strictly from a monetary point of view, it will dwarf the financial impact of the information revolution of the 20th century. We are already seeing major investment houses moving into the green energy sector in a big way.

This year, Wind and Solar companies have posted significant increases in their stock prices. So how can you benefit from this monumental shift in investment strategy when any company with even a chance to advance in this industry is making investors money? PEM fuel cells, that's where! Fuel cells burning, at first, natural gas, and eventually pure hydrogen. This the future of energy on this planet. Wind and Solar will be "bit players" in comparison!

For over 20 years a Canadian company has been developing PEM fuel cell technology and this year it began shipping various product to buyers in the U.S., Canada, India, Europe and soon China. This company is so entrenched in this industry that it holds hundreds of the original patents for the underlying technology and has spawned from it's ranks, other companies with offshoot technologies. Three of them are, Fuel Cell Technologies, Plug Power and Hydrogenics. They are often referred to as "Baby Ballards" after the original fuel cell champion, Ballard Power systems of Vancouver, British Columbia.

After Chrysler and Ford bought into Ballard in a big way, about 7 years ago, investors took notice and drove up the stock. Since then, because of the slow pace of the "Auto" part of the technology, investors lost interest and the stock price dove below $2.00 after Ballard sold off it's "Auto" technology to these industry players.

Investors have short attention spans, don't they? Sometimes I wonder if investors can see the big picture at all. Most are simply traders, and not investors. At this time in history, Ballard Power is a "diamond" in the rough of the green energy revolution, and investors who are paying attention stand to increase their wealth tremendously.

It is not in the auto industry that this company will dominate. It is in clean energy production in general, replacing major power plants with giant fuel cell stacks burning, at first, Natural Gas and eventually pure Hydrogen. It is in the propulsion systems of buses, forklifts, ships and trains that Ballard will eventually make it's very big mark in the Green Energy Space. It is also in back up power generation like that recently shipped to India for their wireless systems. 310 fuel cell generators are being shipped to India by Dec 31st. It is the start of an order for 10,000 fuel cell generators to one of the most dynamic growing economies on the planet. This contract alone could end up being 30,000 generators, and that is only "one part" of Ballard's expertise.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars
? Possibly! Electric cars? possibly! Even if electric cars win out, where will the electrical power come from. It will come from power plants incorporating giant fuel cell stacks, manufactured by Ballard Power Systems, and replacing dirty Coal, Oil and even Nuclear plants.

Green energy is not the only green that will be produced by this sleeping tech giant. I have owned Ballard for over 9 years, and this year, because of their production in these areas, I increased my holdings tenfold. My money is where my mouth is, where is yours?

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