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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The beginning of the end, for fossil fuels!
COP 15 and it's affect on "your Retirefund"!

COP15 : "Seal the Deal ! " / "C...Image by leshumainsassocies via Flickr

"Plans for the end of the fossil-fuel
economy are now being laid."
-- The Economist

The future of energy is at stake, and nothing less!

COP-15 ! Have you heard this term yet? Well you are certainly going to. It is the short title for the "Untied Nations Climate Change Conference", a meeting of heavy weights from around the world in Copenhagen on December 7th 2009. It will absolutely dwarf the Kyoto Accord and it's importance to our planet. The importance to the markets, and investors like us, cannot be overstated either. It is that important! Government and business leaders from 40 Countries are all involved.

The results of COP-15 will win and lose fortunes for many investors. Now which camp do you want to be in, the winners or the losers. I thought so! Now think of a world where producers of fossil fuels, instead of being propped up by governments, will be penalized by governments. Have I got your attention yet? The Copenhagen Summit will convene on December 7th and you should mark this on your calendar.

(From DailyWealth) Everything is being reconsidered:

  • The way we create electricity
  • The way we power our vehicles
  • The way we store and buy our energy
  • The way we synthesize plastics
  • The way in which we build the buildings where we work and live

As a prelude to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP-15) in May, the "World Business Summit on Climate Change" brought together over 500 participants from 40 countries in Copenhagen at the same venue as the "BIG" Summit on Dec 7th. Here is a quote from one of the guest speakers attending this conference:

"There is not much time. We have to do it this year, not next year, this year. The clock is ticking and Mother Nature does not do bailouts"! Al Gore.

There were many "working groups" at this summit who brainstormed and came up with recommendations for the COP15 summit.

Here is one from thePower Generation working group:

"De-Carbonizing power generation is essential to meeting emissions goals in 2050 and will make a large contribution in 2030."

Here is one from the "Value Chain" working group:

"Establish a transparent international standard for greenhouse gas measurement of products and services across value chains. Any standard needs to be simple, consistent, but nonrestrictive, for example setting minimum standards and common measurement methods".

From the "Aviation working group":

"Increase focus on solution industries, i.e. those industries that offer transformative technologies which can have a net positive impact on emissions"

Recommendations from the "road transportation group" seemed more ambiguous on the surface, but will have a huge impact on investors. Here is an excerpt of their recommendations:

"There is no silver bullet to reducing emissions from the transportation sector and many technologies will have to be developed and tested in parallel".

It is within this backdrop that the world will turn it's attention to the summit in Copenhagen on Dec 7th. What is decided there will not only affect the health of this planet, but the health of investors, pensions funds, and markets around the world, and more importantly from our point of view, your Retirefunds!

It is the future of energy that is at stake, and nothing less! This is the reason I have invested in companies like Ballard Power Systems of Vancouver as well as Natural Gas, solar and wind energy companies.

"Could be the largest economic opportunity of the 21st century."
- Venture Capital Firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers

There won't be a bailout. There will be a colossal re-investment of the worlds resources into these green companies, and away from the carbon producing fossil fuels like coal and oil, and the companies that produce them. No one knows for sure just which green technologies will win out in their respective areas (power generation, construction, transportation, aviation etc) but rest assured, there will be massive investments in all companies who have even a hope of placing in this race.

Do you think this will impact your Retirefund? I don't think it will, I know it will!

Stay tuned. Much more to come!

Update: Oct 1-09 New York Times !
Oct 8 - Impact of the Green Revolution on your Retirefunds.

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