Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stocks Scorecard October 2009

It’s bragging time! While I know full well that a “rising tide floats all boats” I also know that some boats are faster than others. Since January the S&P/TSX is up 25.2% so if you had bought a simple index fund you would be in the money by that amount minus .5% of your entire portfolio.

However, if you had invested along with me this year, here is what your returns would be at this point in the calendar:

TD Bank, 96% (bought in March) (sold Oct 1st)

Ballard Power 130.97% (YTD)

Wi-lan Technologies 26.9% (YTD)

Apollo Gold 33.4% (bought in Sept)

Corridor Resources 74% (bought in March)

Now, if you had sold your U.S. Cash into the Canada buck when I did in January, this small simple transaction would have returned for you over 27.6% or more than the entire index.

To update these picks, I have sold approx 75% of my TD Stock (anytime you get a lift of 96% on a bank stock you take profit, period) however I am holding on to the rest as I still see great upside in all four of these picks. I also have some low PER mutual funds and my near term use funds are in money market funds.

I hope you have done as well with your Retirefund this year to date; however the year is not over and there is much more to be made. Of the four stocks I am keeping I expect that, even though their returns have been great, Ballard Power, and Apollo Gold have the momentum to double in the next two months with good upside beyond in early 2010. Wilan Technologies is still a sleeper with upside in the 300% range in my opinion, over the next 12 months, because of it’s 750 wireless patents. Corridor Resources is a small gas play with takeover potential.

I have increased my holdings in Apollo gold twice this month, since buying in at .45 My last purchase was at .55 as I believe that this stock has the most upside potential of all four.

Happy Investing. Happy retirement.


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