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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A "Patently Valuable" company for the 21st Century

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From the laptop to the palm. From the Blackberry to the Iphone. RIM, Apple, Google, Intel! In every country, in every business, and in every home, wireless technology is sweeping over the planet.

While investors clamor for a piece of Research in Motion (RIM) or Apple, a small Canadian company may emerge as the dark horse in wireless investing.

Wilan Technologies (win-tsx) of Ottawa, has been quietly increasing in value this spring, on the strength of it's wireless , Wi-Fi, Wimax, VChip and other patents. As of April 30th, the firm had signed 62 wireless and 112 V-chip licenses with 180 tech companies worldwide, for the use of it's patented technology.

Recent licenses for Wilan's patented technology have been signed by: Samsung, RIM, Infinion, Nokia, Fujitsu, Westinghouse, Red Line Communications, Pantech and many others. At present, Intel, Apple, LG and 18 other companies are currently in a Texas Court trying to stem the inevitable.

With almost 550 patents for the underlying technology for many wireless and other applications, such as cdma, docsis, wi-fi, wi-max, v chip, bluetooth, etc. etc, it is no wonder that investors are waking up to the value in this small Canadian company.

Wilan has increased it's earnings projections three times this year, and has announced it will start paying dividends to shareholders who are shareholders of note on June 29th.

As I pointed out in past posts , I have held the stock for over 9 years, but this year, because of this great story, I increased my holdings 10 fold. That was in March.

Last week I "doubled down" on that!

WILAN advises it has licensed its patented, intellectual property to over 180 companies worldwide.

This from the company this week: "Inventions in our portfolio have been licensed by companies that manufacture or sell a wide range of communication and consumer electronics products including 3G cellular handsets, Wi-Fi-enabled laptops, Wi-Fi/DSL routers, xDSL infrastructure equipment, WiMAX base stations and digital televisions. Wi-LAN has a large and growing portfolio of more than 550 issued or pending patents ".

All this is happening in the middle of the worst recession since WW2. Management has a large stake in their own company, are increasing their patent portfolio, are fierce protectors of their patents, and they are making money! Now they are paying dividends which can only grow in the coming years.

I won't be selling my Wilan stock any time soon. It has too much upside. I will be buying on the dips, which, due to it's recent upswing, may come as early as this week, and I will do this "before" Wilan gets listed on NASDAQ or another U.S. exchange. Once that happens, there will only be one way to go, and that is straight up. Even without a NASDAQ listing, this is a $10 stock trading currently at $2.

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