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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Grafoid - Advancing Graphene Technology to the next level with Mesograf

Many scientists and technologists around the world believe that the new super material, Graphene, will change the way we live, work and play.

As the advancement of Graphene and Nano Technology furthers science and changes the tech and business landscape around the world, small companies are becoming leaders.


One such company is Grafoid.com 

Here is an Introduction from Dr. Gordon Chiu, Grafoid’s President and Chief Technology Officer

Grafoid’s investment leading to the breakthrough, bulk quality, few layer graphene standard, MesoGraf™ represents a defining moment; a turning point in both material science and in human history.
MesoGraf™ enables graphene application development solutions. Our top-down scalable product forms the basis for our commercial relationships and ultimately, lowers industrial application costs leading to graphene’s universal acceptance.
As a business, we invest both financial resources and intellectual capital to resolve issues leading to application and production cost mitigation. We see our solutions as a first step towards graphene’s standardization and ultimately, market monetization.
And when we look at our graphene discovery and invention, we see ourselves moving science to the next level – not only in energy storage and composites, but in the collaborative approach we’ve introduced to application development, our principal business.
Based upon results from our own investment in Singapore-based Graphite Zero’s proprietary process we foresee breakthroughs ahead from an increasing participation in an array of unique, pan-industrial developments.
Graphene’s discovery opens new frontiers for industry. Mesograf™ sets a new standard for quality. Grafoid, as the agent of change, bridges the gap between science and industry by eliminating risk.
MesoGraf™ sets the global standard for commercialized graphene.
Thank you.
Dr. Gordon Chiu, B.Sc., M.Sci, MSTP recipient, ND
President and Chief Technology Officer
Grafoid Inc.

Grafoid is a privately held, Canadian Corp and in that sense, is closed to small investors.

However there is a small Canadian Microcap that owns a big chunk of Grafoid.

 Shares in Focus Graphite , FMS on the Toronto Venture Exchange (TMXv) can be had right now for pennies.  Sure, there is risk, but nothing gained if nothing ventured.

Disclosure, we own shares in Focus Graphite and continue to accumulate.


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