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Monday, December 12, 2016

Internet Addresses or "Domain Names" a valuable asset class

Why Invest In Domain Names?


   Capital Gain

  • Domains are the raw land of the fast-growing online economy.
  • Portable Wealth

    Domains can be owned and operated from anywhere in the world and can be sold or traded from anywhere.Kind of like having a portable bank.
  • A Hard Asset

    Like precious metals, domain names can never be destroyed. They are part and parcel of the worlds online connectivity, and as long as the internet or world wide web exists, they will only become more valuable.
  • Safe and Secure

    Unlike precious metals, if you lose a domain name, you can find it easily. It,s online and at your fingertips.

We have 19 Domains remaining in our:


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Fund Domains:

Investing Domains:

 NanoTech Domains:  

Travel Domain Names:

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