Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The "Gold" in TNR Gold Corp. is actually Lithium!

If you are interested in investing in pure lithium plays then be aware of the upcoming IPO for    International Lithium corp (ILC)  You should also be aware of the parent company, TNR Gold Corp and it's holdings on three continents. It currently has a .20 cent stock price, owns 100% of International Lithium corp and it plans to enrich it's share holders through the spinoff of the pure lithium company.

Basically, if you own TNR Stock, you will automatically own the Stock of ILC when it is spun out in Q3 this year.  You will continue to hold all of your TNR stock and you will automatically get 1 share and 1 warrant (can be exchanged for shares) in ILC for every 4 shares you own of TNR. You will own both companies, at a very cheap price. 

This is a story we think will make money for us as we are accumulating TNR stock at the .20 cent price. 
(PS: If you took our advice on July 8th on Salares Lithium, then you are welcome to the 98% you will make on that stock as Talison Lithium of Australia, the biggest supplier of lithium into the Chinese market, buys Salares, but hold on to those shares, as the new entity will be much more valuable in 2 months)

The lowdown on TNR:
TNR Gold Corp (TNR-TSX-v)
We think TNR is the "sleeper" in the Lithium space and it is currently flying under the radar of most investors. TNR Owns 16 gold, copper, Lithium, and REE properties in Nevada, Canada, Argentina and Ireland.
More importantly, TNR "owns 100% of International Lithium Corp"which it will spin off in an IPO.
ILC owns 9 Lithium brine properties in Argentina, Nevada, and Canada, while TNR will retain it's gold, copper and rare earth deposits in Canada and Ireland as well as one Lithium play in Argentina. TNR may actually be the best "short term" play in the sector as it prepares the IPO for International Lithium Corp. as owners of TNR stock will automatically own stock and warrants in International Lithium when it is spun out next month. (one share and one warrant for every 4 shares of TNR) Thereby owning "both" companies after the IPO next month.

Institutional Holders of TNR stock include some serious players: 
  Barrick Gold, Pinetree Capital, Tocqueville Fund, Solitario, and NovaGold.

Research Notes: TNR Gold Corp
Projects of TNR Gold Corp 

On the lithium front, International Lithium holds 17 highly prospective lithium and rare metals projects.
Most notably, the Mariana project is a large 120 squared kilometer lithium brine project wholly owned by ILC to ensure all aspects of the resource can be controlled. Situated in one of the most prolific lithium producer region of Argentina (bordering Chile), past sampling over approximately 3 km returned values from 188 to 283 mg/L lithium, and 423 to 698 mg/L boron. ILC crew is currently completing a grid-sampling program, hydrogeologic, and structural studies on the salar to generate a 43-101 Technical Report.

Remember, I told you about Salares Lithium "before" the take over by Talison. If you "waited" to see what would happen with Salares, you missed the first double. (However you should hold on as we believe it will double again this fall)

Now I am telling you about TNR Gold Corp.

You could wait, again, but that could be hazardous to your retirefund!
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Charlie said...

Another very good gold province in Argentina is Jujuy in the far northwest.

SLTA Soltera Mining is about to produce ethical gold out of their gold mine there for Cartier. This is huge news for a little 10 cent explorer. Soltera Mining $SLTA and Goldlake Group Sign Agreement to Develop Ethical Gold Production in Argentina: http://bit.ly/cRFadm

H. Pelham said...

We don't know much about Soltera however I assume the commenter here is referring to eluvial gold (not ethical gold) which soltera reports it is "testing" at their location (as opposed to extracting - a very big difference)