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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Carbon Sciences Announces the Addition of Dr. Howard Fong as Scientific Advisor

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Editors note: Carbon Sciences Inc (CABN-OTC) is developing a new breed of "Nano-Reactor" that should revolutionize the nascent carbon capture and conversion industry allowing for the commercialization of converting carbon emissions (from coal and oil fired industries and from natural gas ie: from landfills) directly into usable gasoline, "without" using high energy heat.

The company has already demonstrated it's technology works, and expects to have a working reactor by the end of Q3 2010. The sector is now referred to as Gas to Liquids or "GTL" and it is growing. The company's president, Byron Elton, was recently interviewed by Ally Velchie on CNN Business and that interview can be found at: http://www.carbonsciences.com/01/youtubeplayer.html

News Release:
Retired Technical Lead at Shell Oil Company to Provide Guidance to Company’s Management Team

Santa Barbara, CA - July 14, 2010 - Carbon Sciences, Inc. (CABN), the developer of a breakthrough technology to transform greenhouse gases into gasoline and other portable fuels, today announced that Dr. Howard Fong has joined the company as a Scientific Advisor.

Dr. Fong received his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from San Jose State University in 1971, and Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley in 1975. He joined Shell Development Company (Shell Oil Company) at the Westhollow Technology Center in Houston, Texas in 1975, and rose to the rank of Managing Engineer, the highest technical rank of the Royal Dutch Shell Group. He retired from the company in April of 2010.

Dr. Fong has broad and deep knowledge of the petrochemical industry and specializes in new technology assessment, development and commercialization, functioning at the interface between technology and business. He is the holder of over 30 patents and several of the major developments he helped initiate at Shell have been commercialized. He has extensive experience working with start-up companies, providing critical techno-economic evaluations and charting the path for successful commercialization.

“Dr. Fong’s extensive experience and track record in the petrochemical industry at the highest levels will be invaluable to Carbon Sciences as we continue to develop our revolutionary CO2 based Gas-to-Liquids technology,” stated Byron Elton, CEO, Carbon Sciences. “With Dr. Fong advising Dr. Aslam, our Chief Technology Officer and inventor of the process, we have the world-class, best of breed talent we need to move forward,” Elton added.

About Carbon Sciences, Inc.

Carbon Sciences Inc. is developing a breakthrough CO2 based gas-to-liquids technology to transform greenhouse gases into liquid portable fuels, such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. Innovating at the forefront of chemical engineering, we are developing highly scalable clean-tech processes to produce liquid fuels from naturally occurring or human-made greenhouse gas emissions. From sources such as natural gas fields, refinery flare gas, landfill gas, municipal waste, algae and other biomass, there is an abundant supply of inexpensive feedstock available to produce large and sustainable quantities of liquid fuel to replace petroleum for global consumption, thereby eliminating our dependence on petroleum. 

To learn more about the Company, you can visit their website at http://www.carbonsciences.com.

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Editors Note: 

Two recent patent applications by Carbon Sciences in their "CO2 to gasoline technology" may have contributed to drawing Doctor Fong into the CABN fold as they prepare their ground breaking, GTL process for commercial application sometime in the next year. We will be monitoring this story with interest.

Disclosure: own CABN

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