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A new, world class, gold deposit is born!

(Update-March 5th 2010 _ Apollo gold is "in play" after latest drill results - MSN Money)

I have been high on Apollo Gold since I first bought the stock at .45 several months ago, and have been doing homework ever since. Earlier this month, I sold some APG at .51 to finance the purchase of more Wilan Technologies. I believe that these two companies have enormous upside potential in the short to medium term. That is why I bought more Wilan and bought back into Apollo Gold last week.

Apollo Gold is set to release it's latest core results from it's Grey Fox site near Timmons Ontario. This site is now tied into their already producing "Black Fox Mine" which will produce around 100,000 oz in 2010. Apollo also bought the Pike River property which connects Grey Fox and Black Fox and which has a rich history in itself.

gold analysts currently have Apollo Gold as a strong buy and I couldn't agree more. It is still trading in the .45 range per share (for now). Those analysts, and this writer believe it is better priced in the short to medium term somewhere between $2 and $3.50 and I believe this may even be too conservative.

Because of it's current production at Black Fox, and it's great core drill results at Grey Fox coupled with it's acquisition of Pike River, we believe it is a world class deposit in the infancy stage. Once the bigger dogs in the gold business get more familiar with the numbers and drill results, we think Apollo will be a takeover target in 2010. In that case, all bets are off and the target price goes straight up.

One note of caution is that Apollo hedged 30% of it's production at $867 per oz, in early 2009, however, this will not keep shoppers at bay nor should it keep you from making some money on Apollo Gold.

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Latest Analyst Report:

J. Taylor - The Au Report - "Apollo Gold has enormous upside potential and has one of the highest potentials for capital appreciation relative to risk involved. We think this company's Black Fox Mine, from which management expects to produce more than 100,000 ounces this year, represents the beginning of a world-class gold mining operation in the making. We say that on the basis of upside exploration potential not only on the producing Black Fox Mine but also on the basis of drill results from the Grey Fox and historical data from the Pike River Property, which Apollo recently acquired from Newmont. With Apollo currently trading at only 42% of NAV, enormous growth in earnings and cash flow starting to take place, enormous upside potential with regards to resource/reserve base and attributable production, Apollo is a perfect takeover target"!

APG.T AGT-Nasdaq

Update, Feb 17th 2010 - Great drill results at Grey Fox
Update, Mar 5th 2010 - Great drill results at Pike River

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