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The dark horse of mobile web technology

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Wilan Technologies has been one of our favorite stocks since it began refocusing from it's 1990's technology development and now is focused almost entirely on licensing and defending it's many patents in wireless, internet and video. We have been acquiring more of this stock for the past 9 months.

Today this stock rose 11%, and we feel it is just the start of a realization of some tech investors that it is truly a "patently valuable company for the 21st century"! Most Wilan technologies were developed over 15 years ago, but the company is only now being recognized as holding the underlying patents for many of today's top tech toys and business applications.

Over the past two years (Since it has been aggressively protecting it's patents and licensing it's technology) Wilan has signed licensing agreements with 212 tech companies worldwide including many of the biggest brand names as shown here:

This year, 19 more companies, including Apple, will be forced in a Texas Court Case, to either pay for their past transgressions involving these patents, or to license them from Wilan.

Wilan inventions include:

3G Cellular– A range of wireless communication technologies used in modern cellular handsets.

BluetoothTMA wireless technology that sends and receives data over short distances, creating a personal area network (PAN).

A standards-based technology to provide high-speed internet and other data over coaxial cable networks.

DSL – A standards-based access technology that provides broadband Internet access over twisted pair telecommunications wiring.

The underlying technology of wireless local area networks and other products based on IEEE 802.11 specifications.

WiMAXBroadband wireless technology that provides longer-range wireless connectivity based on IEEE 802.16 specifications.

V-Chip – A technology that allows users of multimedia devices to filter out programming they consider inappropriate for their children to watch, whether that be from a television broadcast, DVD/VCR/DVDR or computers that have the ability to receive and process broadcast signals.

Wilan has been making money throughout 2009, in the toughest market conditions, is expanding it's business monthly, increasing cash flow and profit and began paying a dividend in 2009. It's management is completely focused, motivated and is professionally suited to the task of increasing shareholder value.

As I have said for the past six months, we believe Wilan is at least a $10 Stock (probably more) and it is still trading under $3. Last month we doubled down on our investment in Wilan Technologies, even though our initial purchase was already up over 65%. We initially bought Wilan at 1.45, doubled down at 2.40, bought more at 2.94, 3.00 and 3.01

This stock is going much higher. Don't wait!

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Analysts: 4 Buy 2 Strong buy

Update: Feb 9/2010 Buy Recommendation

Update March 3rd 2010 - Financial Post - Wilan on verge of Windfall!

Important date for Wilan Technologies: March 11th 2010 - Texas court case - Markham hearing, where a who's who of major companies, including Apple Inc., Dell Inc., Hewlett-Packard, Intel Corp., Sony Corp. and retail chains such as Best Buy Co. Inc. and Circuit City Stores Inc.will find out how much they have infringed Wilan's patents. Look for a settlement and possible licensing agreements which will bolster Wilan's bottom line.

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