Friday, May 29, 2015

Sernova Corporation on cutting edge of Stem Cell Therapy Delivery system

Tiny Company - "Big" Medicine!

According to Rick MIlls who's blog "AheadoftheHerd" is often, exactly that, tiny Sernova Corp is on the verge of something very big in the search for a "safe and compatible device for housing therapeutic cells in human’s".  
It appears that, in the "gold rush" to deliver cutting edge therapies directly the the cells of humans, Sernova will own the "picks and shovels" of that gold rush.
As Rick points out in his well researched report, Sernova's innovative "Cell Pouch™ could be used for any chronic disease where a deficient or missing protein or hormone can be replaced by therapeutic cell transplantation."

Sernova has been developing it's cutting edge technology for many years, and only now has it been independently verified as being a proven method of delivering new cutting edge stem cell therapy for a number of critical diseases including (but not limited to) Diabetes and Hemophilia.

Many other companies, small and large, are researching and perfecting these types of stem cell therapies, Sernova has focused  on the actual delivery mechanism which should benefit "all" of those other companies coming to market with new medicines and therapies.

After all, it was the suppliers of the "picks and shovels, and horses and supplies who made the most money during the great Klondike Gold rush.  It appears that lesson was not lost on the founders of Sernova Corp.

Here is Ricks excellent summary on this rising penny stock..

 Sernova trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange(TSX or TMX)  under the symbol SVA

It traded Monday under .20 cents

Disclosure: I am long SVA!


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Michel Babun said...

Thanks for sharing your point of view with us. Stem cell therapy is really a outstanding innovation. Though it does not work for all patient. But scientists are developing this and we hope that one day it will be very effective.