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Monday, August 29, 2011

United States, An unintended global empire!

The latest effort by Stratfor Gobal Intelligence details how the United States became an unintended global power, mostly through it's important geography as is laid out in this vlsual from Stratfors latest effort.

Over the space of a few hundred years, the United States of America became a global powerhouse of business and politics, with the most powerful military the world has ever seen. 

Although I have made many comments over the past few years regarding the demise of the U.S. dollar due to it's massive debts, Keynsian monetary policy and stalemated congress, I have also said many times that I never bet against the U.S.  Yes, I have bet against the U.S. dollar, but not the U.S. economy. To bet against such a powerhouse country of pure business, is a fools game.

Will the world's power structures in 20 years look the same as they do today? Probably not. Emerging markets like China, India and Brazil are on the rise, and Russia is still a powerhouse in energy production. Germany will continue to power the Euro zone in one form or another, and second tier countries like Indonesia, Mexico, Canada, Australia  and several eastern European countries are chugging along just fine.

However the USA is, and will be for the forseeable future, the first engine of global industry. This chart of per capita growth is a prime example of the power the USA has on global growth.

In your portfolio don't ever count out the good ole USA.  As I said, that is a fools game. Count out individual companies, and maybe even certain sectors, but never count out this massive business powerhouse.

As I pointed out in a previous post, I do not work for Stratfor, nor do I benefit in any monetary way in suggesting they are one more valuable resource when considering macro events for your portfolio over time.

You can acess their latest efforts at Stratfor.com.

Happy investing.
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