Monday, June 27, 2011

Is there an American financial Apocolypse in the making. Martin Weiss of Weiss Research certainly thinks so.

The United States government paid the Brazilia...Image via WikipediaToday there are so many financial pitches in video, on the web, you need a score card to tell just who the Charlatans are and who are trully legitimate financial advisors with good intentions for their clients and prospective clients.

I have posted here the thoughts of other writers with regard to the massive printing machine that is the  U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, and it's enormous influence on world markets, not to mention the United States dollar.

For almost 300 years, the U.S. buck has been the international reserve currency.  That is to say, many world prices of goods and commodities are set in U.S. dollar values, forcing the governments of the world to buy those U.S. dollars to just be able to purchase on the world markets.

That huge advantage for the U.S. economy may now be in jeopardy.

Here is a video presentation by Martin Weiss of Weiss Research Inc (40 years in business) which should scare every investor reading and listening to it, into action.

I make no further comment except to say I have no association with Mr. Weiss, nor do I benefit in any way from his company.  The video presentation is in fact a lead up to joining his firms news letter.  I do not encourage you either way, except to say read, listen and make your own decisions.

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David said...

Hi there,

I got a very important Q on buying and selling physical gold/silver in Canada. I talked to a local gold/silver/coin dealer and he told me that if i sold my physical bars to him, he does not report anything to canadian govt, aside from if transaction is over $2000 for anti-money laundering laws. whats ur view on this? is this a loophole whereby the dealer buys physical gold/silver and does not report the transaction? or do they just trust that the seller does it voluntarily? appreciate the response, thanks.

H. Pelham said...

You can buy and sell gold through your local Scotia Bank and avoid back alley businessmen.