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Monday, May 2, 2011

Peak Oil was reached in 2006 according to the IEA

Logo of International Energy AgencyImage via WikipediaPeak oil! We've debated that term since the 1970's oil shocks. Back then some experts were predicting peak oil by the turn of the 21st century. Some said 2010, others as far out as 2030.  However, according to the IEA, we passed the date for peak oil almost 5 years ago, in 2006. According to other distinguished scientists, who peer reviewed the IEA data, in Stockhold Sweden, even the IEA data is somewhat skewed toward the positive, indicating a dirth of oil is already upon us, and forshadowing prices that will make 2011 look like the good old days of cheap oil.

Review the video for yourself and make your own conclusions!

Then, invest accordingly.

Solid oil plays in the medium to long term.( We like Suncor SU and Cenovus CVE)

Alternatives like wind, solar, nuclear, fuel cells (we like Ballard BLD)

And lithium, (we like Talison TLH, Rodinia RM and TNRGold TNR)  in the long term!

Here's the video.

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1 comment:

David said...

Hi HP.

Sounds like positive news on today's announcement of the extension of the talison lithium mine. Perhaps when all the expansion plans have been executed and completed in 2012, we can hopefully see institutional investing into the company and bring it to a $20 range? May 12 Q1results will be released, any anticipation of what to expect?