Thursday, March 17, 2011

Volvo's New C30 Electric car performs well in Artic conditions!

Volvo C30 ElectricImage by redgoober4life via FlickrCold weather is the bane of electric cars, or so I've heard from many naysayers (those that don't believe the EV is here to stay).  You've heard the arguments! They range from range anxiety to cold weather performance to excessive recharge time etc. etc.  These arguments are falling like dominos as the onslaught of electric car manufacturing spreads from California, to China, from Japan to Sweden.  Now Volvo, known for making the safest cars in the world, has blasted the cold temperature argument of the naysayers.

Testing it's beautiful, brand new, all electric C30  in artic conditions, Volvo has already knocked down the biggest domino. After this everyone will know that electric cars will no longer be considered the domain of warmer climes. The Artic is a cruel teacher, as this writer can attest from his time spent in the north, but the students at Volvo have learned their lessons very well. 80 to 90 km distance in artic conditions, and that is just the first model.

Click here to watch this northern beauty in action!

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