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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Salares Lithium stock holders will double their money as Talison Lithium of Australia swallows Salares.

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This is an update for those of you who took my advice and bought Salares Lithium in early July for around .60 cents per share. While their is a current hold on trading this stock (LIT-TSX-v) it is by no means a time to worry.  It is a time to rejoice, because you have just doubled your money, at the very least.  Here's why!
About Salares Lithium Inc.
Salares Lithium Inc. is a lithium explorer in Chile that controls the 'Salares 7' lithium project made up of seven salars (brine lakes that are prospective for sub-surface lithium and potassium) and the surrounding concessions in Region III, Chile. Five of the seven salars are clustered within 155 kilometres and are 100% owned by Salares and its Chilean partner.
About Talison Minerals Pty Ltd 
Talison Minerals Pty Ltd is the leading global producer of lithium. Talison mines and processes the lithium bearing mineral spodumene at the Greenbushes Lithium Operations in Western Australia. Talison has an extensive, well established global customer network and a leading position in the growing Chinese market.(Talison produces over 65% of the current lithium being imported by China)
Talison and Salares are merging into what will be the largest pure lithium producer on the planet, and the "only pure lithium production company" to be listed on the TSX (not the venture exchange). That will occur on Sept 17th.
I have spoken with Salares CEO Todd Hilditch and company consultant, Matt Johnston who assures me that the new company (he will provide the stock symbol in the next few days) will strike somewhere between $3.50 and $4 per share when it is launched on TSX in September. At that time, Salares share holders will own 1 share of the new entity for every 2.81 shares they hold of Salares Lithium (LIT)
With a price cap between $340M and $350M, this equates to approximately 35.6 % of the new entity will be owned by current Salares shareholders which should return approx $1.25 per share, or more to those of you who took my advice 3 weeks ago.
If the TSX-v allows trading in Salares over the next few weeks, I will not part with many of my own shares. (of course I will take profit on a portion - maybe 15-20%) as I see this as a strong, bullish move for our holdings.
The new company will be the only lithium producer listed on the TSX at a time when the electric car market is gaining momentum, and new lithium ETF's are popping up on the NYSE.  

The Global X ETF will have no choice but to list the new company as the largest pure lithium supplier into China. If you invest you should do so "before" this occurs.

The combined company will have to be included in the new Lithium ETF's, as a front runner in the lithium space supplying the huge Chinese market and developing the huge Salares 7 project that Salares Lithium brings to the merger table.

When the new entity launches on Sept 17th on TSX, look for the strike price to pop. There is no way this stock will stay under $4 per share after it is launched. We think this new company will be a home run.

Your welcome folks, and here's to your retirefund.

BNN interview with Salares CEO Todd Hilditch
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