Thursday, July 1, 2010

Derivatives regulations will shine light on derivative traders, futures and options!

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The Obama administration has been pushing for over a year to get derivatives trading out of the banks basements and back rooms and into the light of exchanges. The central point of the legislation being hashed out at this writing will force the most derivative trading to be done in a public forum, administrated by exchanges.

This will shed some light on the trillions of dollars in nominal value which changes hands every day in derivatives like credit default swaps (CD'S) and other paper as well as many futures and options contracts. Exchanges such as the Chicago mercantile Exchange, the ICE, Euronext and other online exchanges, stand to benefit from the move to openness in derivatives trading.

However, there is another market that stands to benefit from this legislation. that is the market for online (internet) domain names.  Here are some that are currently offered for sale:

Click on the links above to find out prices.

Here are some "recent sales" in this market from the past year, as supplied by the Domain Name Journal:

Name                      Price                           $16M                          $10M                  $5.5M          $2.1M         $900,000.00               $650,000.00            $300,000.00           $5M             $149,000.00          $118,000.00

Maybe in this crazy market environment, it is time for your portfolio to take a turn toward technology, in a market that is still flying under the radar of most investors.  Just a thought!

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