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Friday, January 22, 2010

Ballard Power Systems is on a roll (excuse the pun)

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(Updated March 25th 2010)
We have been high on Ballard Power Systems for awhile now. Today Ballard was added to the new, clean Tech Index on the TSX, and the spike in the stock price (and the high trading volume) is a direct result of that. If you act quickly, you may be able to get in on the upside of this trade.
(Also added to that index was another of our clean tech stocks, Azure dynamics.)
Ballard, situated in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver, is the grand daddy of the fuel cell industry. It's founder is considered the father of the hydrogen fuel cell industry and the company has spawned other companies known as "Baby Ballards" like plug power. It has for the past 20 years, been on the driving edge of the green energy revolution.
Ballard has produced working hydrogen fuel cell buses for several cities (Chicago and LA are two) and recently delivered a fleet of 20, brand new, hydrogen fuel cell buses to the Vancouver transit authority. Those buses shuttled athletes and fans by the thousands to the winter Olympic Games in Whistler. The International press also got to ride these buses.
At a time when the world is looking for green energy solutions, and the world press is falling over themselves for stories to run about this part of Canada, Ballard Power Systems showcased to the world a bus that runs on pure hydrogen. You can drink the water from it's tailpipe because that is the only by product of their fuel cells, pure H2O. No doubt, every politician interviewed will mention it and want to be seen standing beside those buses.
Ballard is expanding it's reach into Europe and India as they partner with European companies to supply fuel cells on the continent and they recently signed an agreement with India to supply 10,000 fuel cell powered back-up units for the Indian telecommunications industry for their wireless infrastructure which is ramping up.
No doubt the international reporters will also comment on the fuel cell forklifts Ballard is now supplying to companies from Chicago to Shanghai, and the possibility of stacking their fuel cells to power trucks, ships and to build giant, utility grade generators to power cities. More buses were delivered this week to California, London and Amsterdam.
On March 17th 2010, Ballard CEO, John Sheridan, will present at the 9th, Jefferies Global Clean Tech Conference in New York City.

If you like green energy investments then you cannot discount this first mover in the fuel cell space, especially this year, as it ramps up and finally become profitable.
Disclaimer: We have owned Ballard Power Systems ( BLD-TSE) (BLDP-Nasdaq) for several years. Over the past 12 months the stock has gained 84%. In the midst of the first pull back of 2010, Ballard was one of the few stocks that actually traded a little higher. We believe it will go higher still. Much higher!
COLLEGE PARK, MD and VANCOUVER, April 27 /CNW/ - Ballard Power Systems (TSX: BLD; NASDAQ: BLDP) today announced the launch of a new center of excellence for the advancement of fuel processing technology, with founding partners University of Maryland (UMD) and U.S. Department of Defense Army Research Laboratory (ARL). The new center - named FuelWorks(TM) - will be located at the University of Maryland in College Park. 

Update: July 30th 2010 - Ballard builds worlds largest fuel cell generator!
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