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Monday, June 22, 2009

Planning for your true retirement takes more than money!

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Yesterday, I was privileged to witness my nieces high school grad class, and to attend a local Christian Church service with these wonderful young men and women. The excitement, energy, and hope of this generation was evident in their faces, and in their every movement and nuance. It was a truly gratifying experience! I did, indeed feel very privileged to have witnessed it.

The Grads took up a collection for a local, underprivileged children's camp, the charity of their choice. I was reminded of my fathers generosity throughout his life, in giving of his time, his energy, his humor and his financial support, to local kids through sport, local families who were simply in need, and to friends and relatives who simply asked for a hand-up. The hand was always outstretched and you could count on that strong hand up, whether or not you were family, friend or stranger.

He never stopped giving until he died, much too young, at age 73.

I was also reminded, as usual, of my mothers teachings that we must all prepare for our true retirement. She is now 85 years young, still going strong, drives her own car, plays darts twice per week, and regularly goes on seniors bus tours. However, she doesn't see herself as retired.

As she likes to point out, her retirement will be in a much better place, with my father, God willing!

Amen Mom

And Thanks!

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