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Friday, May 1, 2009

Will your RetireFund catch the flu.....

The World Health Organization is ramping up it's coverage of the H1N1 virus (swine flu)and is warning all countries to make their preparations for a worldwide pandemic.

The same organization has done studies regarding how a "pandemic" of the sort that stunned the world in 1918 with over 50 million deaths of mostly young adults, would affect the global marketplace.

The numbers are mind numbing! Their calculations say that it would cost the world economy over 3.1 $Trillion. Most people expect that, because of the recent reports of mild symptoms in most countries outside of Mexico, and virtually no deaths, that this will not be as bad as some might expect.

However, in every flu pandemic recorded, the disease started out with mild symptoms before the flu strain "mutated" into a more deadly version that the human body just wasn't ready for.

Is your family ready for such an outcome? Are your investments prepared for such an outcome? After you talk to your doctor and visit the WHO site, talk to your investment adviser. If they make light of your inquiry, switch advisers!

Your thoughts?

June 9 2009 Update article at New York Times.
June 11th update Flu Pandemic Alert

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