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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SiliconInvestor likes my favorite stock.....hmmmm

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I just ran across a recommendation by Greg Reid CFA, at Silicon Investor regarding one of my favorite stocks, Wi-Lan Technologies Inc.

Mr. Reid believes that this stock is greatly undervalued and has great upside potential due to it's strong patent portfolio.

In the interest of disclosure, In early March I increased our holdings 10 fold in this Ottawa based company this was before I read the evaluation at SiliconInvestor.com.) Wi-Lan now holds over 500 patents, the majority of which are in the wireless business.

During this time of uncertainty in the markets, I have solidified some mutual fund holdings into cash or money market funds, while hunting for what I believe are undervalued companies with great upside potential.

To this end I have also increased 10 fold, my investment in Ballard Power Systems as I believe the Obama Administration's push to green energy technology, coupled with the companies long history and strong patent portfolio in the area of fuel cell technology, will serve to help increase the value of these holdings over the next year.

Buying these stocks at what is essentially penny evaluations, reminded me of an old saying passed down to me.

"Look after the pennies and the dollars will look after themselves"!

I am betting these stocks will increase my Retirefund

What do you think?

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